I’ve got a new header site at http://www.theheaderworkshop.wordpress.com/ its BETTER and BIGGER! now with GRADIENTS! Hope 2 see there!

Here r some examples of my work:






I’ve changed my mind, i think im closing 4 good. im just WAY to busy to do this. I get like 5 orders each day and my busy life doesn’t have room! I hope u all understand!

~Snow :mrgreen:

P.S. remember to visit my other site at http://snows949stheclubpenguin.wordpress.com/

My computer that i made headers on broke 😦

We will be opening again very soon! Also remember you cannot copy from this site (that means u emtek77)

Notice Board

*People have been complaining that their headers dont fit with the size they ordered. Not all headers can be 140 x 730. If you are having trouble with the size just tell me the theme your wordpress is and i'll make the header the right size to fit. *Im a member again and a clothing list was put up today allowing you to know what clothes you can have and not have on your header. Go to the page clothing list to look at it. *Please take a poll at http://poll.pollcode.com/RJI to let me know how people like my headers. Nobody will know who you are or anything. Its completely free too! So please take it!

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